“Hair has living nerves and skin care covers is one of the largest organs that connects your facets to the instruments in a world called for confidence”, per M. M. Haven.

My M.I.S.S. Haven offers trichology protocols for medical health and wellness solutions. Hair and skin care play a vital role in health and wellness for the production of hair growth. We work in alliance with your body systems to prevent further premature hair loss, thinning, and decrease in dead cells on the skin and scalp. It is our professional’s responsibilities to search for “hair or skin miniaturization” (shrinking of the hair follicle). If miniaturization goes untreated, the hair follicles can eventually die and skin cells become dehydrated. There is good news, though! We have formed a natural way (a non-forcing of hormones) to engage and revive follicles or skin layers so that hair will sprout in its right density in the proper places.

Our first goal is to address hair loss and skin flaws at the onset of the occurrences. Coming in early for preventive care is always a plus. Our second goal is to provide a healthy environment for the skin and scalp to function with ease according to the holistic nutrient ions invested in you. Thirdly, we provide hair and skin care plans for any adult or child client who are aging early, needing hair removal help, balding or thinning due to stress or underlying condition such as any cancer, kidney disease, high blood pressure or alopecia client etc.

Remember you are wonderfully made. All appointments are booked online. There is a zero no refund policy, as we put your needs at the top of our priority list. When you book us online, you reserve the right to be treated with confidentiality and customize services. Book us now to see how beautiful you can become. Private services are available per your request.