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  • HSA & FSA Products (Order in Advance with a Phone Consultation)

    • Gentle technique for effortlessly applying prosthetic suction sockets
    • No messy airborne powders, body powder lotion easily washes off
    • Apply after cleansing, as a deodorant or to cool skin and absorb perspiration on hot days.
    • Liquid powder glides on smooth and sets to a friction-free silky powder finish.
    • Helps keep you drier and acts as a deodorant
    • Antioxidant protection for healthy skin
    • A clean technique for putting on your prosthesis without leaving a powder mess behind you
    • Resilience Liquid Powder cools and comforts your skin on contact
    • Aloe Vera and Sweet Almond Oil protect against irritation
    • New taller squeeze bottle for easier handling and larger  bottle with pump top
    • 17 fl oz (502.75 ml) and 64 fl oz (1.9 L) sizes
    • Sold each
    • Manufactured in the USA
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  • HSA & FSA Products (Order in Advance with a Phone Consultation)

    • Alps Antiperspirant has twice the Aluminum Chlorohydrate found in typical consumer brands
    • Alps Antiperspirant spray prevents body odor, sweat rashes, prosthetic blistering and chaffing.
    • Available without a doctor’s prescription
    • Prescription strength anti-perspirant, clinically proven
    • Alps Prosthetic Antiperspirant is the first antiperspirant spray truly designed for amputees to keep you cool and dry
    • 4 oz Fine Mist Sprayer with clear dust cap, sold each
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  • HSA & FSA Products (Order in Advance with a Phone Consultation)

    • Fitting Lotion is recommended for use with Support Hosiery, Compression Arm Sleeves & Stump Shrinkers.
    • Silicone formula is hypoallergenic and designed for sensitive skin
    • Contains lubricating additives help reduce friction when applying prosthetic shrinkers over hyper-sensitive limbs
    • Fitting lotion prevent snags and makes it easier to apply compression garments
    • Leaves no greasy feeling and contains no perfumes or dyes
    • Safe for all skin types and contains no synthetic preservatives.
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • Travel Packets are 15 ml each (Total 45 ml)
    • Each Travel Packet contains 3 uses (Total 9 uses)
    • Sold each
    • 4 oz (118 ml) Bottle with flip top
    not rated